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Principal, Ian Smith has over 30 years experience in the horticultural industry having worked with the Department of Agriculture Victoria in research and extension, as a Technical Consultant to major nurseries and cut flower growers and more recently as Technical Director of Anthony Tesselaar International. Through extensive travel in USA, Canada, Europe, UK, China, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Ian has attained considerable experience in the nursery industry. Ian has worked with major industry associations and developed the Nursery Accreditation Program for the Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria, which ultimately developed into the National Nursery Industry Association of Australia Accreditation Scheme. Through extensive training courses and lectures, Ian has contributed to the knowledge and understanding of nursery staff on plant protection and the safe use of pesticides.

1. information and advice to the nursery and cut flower industry, Australia in New Zealand, South Africa, China, Europe and North America

2. horticultural research including application of pesticides and pesticide efficacy trials

3. developed and managed major research programs in conjunction with Department of Primary Industry in Australia and major Universities in the USA
Nursery liaison, Nursery Accreditation program for Nursery Industry Association of Australia

4. Pesticide registration review and evaluation

5. lectured Plant Protection, Burnley College, Melbourne University, Beijing Agricultural University

6. Technical Director Anthony Tesselaar International

7. liaise with major Universities in Australia, China and the USA in the evaluation and research and development of new plants and other products

8. Irrigation research including ornamental plant water requirements and the evaluation of commercial and residential weather-based irrigation
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