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Ian Smith HortiCulture
Pesticide toxicity
Pesticide entry to the body
Type of hazard
Pesticide absorption.
Relative toxicity
Poison Schedules as a measure of toxicity
Code of practice in handling pesticides
Toxicity of pesticides
Implications of not using pesticides
Long term or chronic affects of pesticides
Getting risks in perspective
The dose makes the poison
Short-term or acute affects
Getting the risks in perspective
What are pesticides?
History of chemical control
Classification of pesticides
The need for pesticides
Management and Cultural controls
Biological control
Integrated control
What are pesticides and do we use them?
Reading pesticide labels
Material Safety Data Sheets
Sources of information pesticides
Measuring the toxicity of pesticides
Major Pesticides used and their toxicity rating
Pesticide training programs tailored to the business site and requirements, delivered on site in a time frame compatible with work programs. Course notes provided in support of presentations. Topics covered include: